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Color Preferences of Cats

Cats had been long considered color-blind.  It was lately found out that cats see all the colors actually.

 Harvard experts decided to explore the animal reaction on different colors. A cat was chosen as a test animal.

It was discovered that cat prefer yellow and brown colors. While orange and blue make them go mad. Probably they associate these colors with two hostile elements: water and fire.

It’s still a mystery why cats are afraid of green colored objects. Their love for cherry and dark-crimson colors is easily explained: these are the colors of natural cat food – raw meat.

The experts tested different-colored cats. The direct relation between the color of the cat and its color preference was stated.


Mice and Cats

Mice have always been huntable species. This fact is explained by many reasons. Due to their fertility and the ability to shake down to any conditions mice live everywhere: at any latitude, in an urban setting, in a country.

Birds are also “loved” by cats. Speaking about the advantages of mice over birds, the first ones are huntable all the year around, while birds migrate to the south from time to time. It’s much easier for cats to catch a mouse, as birds’ eyes are on either sides of the head which make them be all-seeing and prevented. Birds can notice the creeping cat and fly away immediately. Mice can’t boast of such scope, besides they can’t fly.

But the main reason is in chemistry. It appears that the skin of the mouse is rich in microelements, especially in sulfur. Sulfur is the component of cystine and methionine – the elements necessary for cat’s health. So mice are considered to be the essential part of cat’s diet.

Actually, I don’t think so. My cat seems to be quite happy with no mice for meals.  I had a rat and they played with each other and there was not a shadow of animosity between them.


cats again

Cats adore sleeping on paper – this rustling material is the warmest and softest one for them, so choosing the place for the pet, we should take this fact into account.

Cats sleep about 18 hours per day.

Cats like all the doors to be opened as they couldn’t stand closed spaces.

Cats like fresh air, so the casement window is better to be opened.

People have been respected cats since the dawn of time. For instance there were always the cats’ figures in front of the Japanese houses. Such statuettes symbolized the warmth of the hearth.

Some cat owners consider their pets are able to predict future that is not without reason. Cats are smart but willful.

Cats are always disturbed being driving away from the heated place.


Luckless Buddies

According to the latest research, German Shepherd is the most unlucky dog among all the breeds. As often as not these dogs swallow inedible stuff, get lost and mess it up.  

Collie, German pointer and Danish dog are at the second, third and fourth places in the list of the most unlucky dogs. Such statistics is a result of the poll 500 dog owners took place in.  

As the research shows most of all four legged friends swallow various objects, run away from vet clinics, get stuck in sleeves etc. They often fall in the toilet trying to relieve nature. Some owners shared their stories from their dogs’ lives. Thus, one gluttonous bull terrier gorged a cork, an adhesive film, a toy car and a right smart of wire at once!  The dog was rushed into the vet clinic where the surgery on the poor thing was immediately performed. The postsurgical bandage was chewed up afterwards.

It is also discovered that dogs are rather sickly and accident-prone animals.  44% of respondents sought medical attention for their pets at least once.

I think we shouldn’t forget that we are responsible for those we tamed…So, it would be rational to hide all the potentially dangerous things from our pets so not to make us both suffer.:)


Cats Health

Did you know that washing themselves, cats not only want to be clean, they’ve other purposes as well! Particularly, they lick off the substances from their hair which contains vitamin B needed for the regulation of mental equilibrium of the feline.  Being unable to do it, your pet may become extremely nervous and it may even lead to dismal end because of the mental stress.

One more legend is about cat’s extraordinary vitality, yet unfortunately diseases are taken into account too. If you notice any abnormalities in the behavior, mood, breathing or appetite of your pet (pay attention to its eyes, hair, nose) you need to visit a vet, and don’t forget about self-medication hazard.

By the way, cats can have diseases just like humans - gastric ulcer, pleuritis, diabetes, neurosis or obesity. But with this there are cats illnesses of eyes, paws and other orgasm the onset of which shouldn’t be missed!

I wish all the animals live eventful healthy lives...

We Love Cats

Lots of people not only love cats, but even devote them the whole life. For instance, cardinal Richelieu who was the leading character in Duma’s “The Three Musketeers”, had 12 cats in his palace, and all the pets lived in his rooms. Obviously the cardinal tended to love cats more than people.

Ernest Hemingway also had tender affection to cats: the author had no less than 150 felines! The greatest chess player in the world – Alexander Alekhine believed the cat was his talisman: The prettiest cat, named, certainly, "Chess", accompanied Alexander Alekhine in the different chess events of 1930s. Chess was a very important person in Alekhine's "team".

Rudyard Kipling considered cats to be the wildest domestic animal ever. He called them the most independent pets, and this independence could show up even in small things. Thus, cat can follow you with her eyes for a long time, but once you turn to her, she acts like you mean nothing at all. Crafty creatures!

                                              Ernest Hemingway with his two sons, and his cats, in Cuba.


Famous People and Their Dogs

Ian Fleming didn’t love dogs, and that was what he always asserted.  And the reason was the case when his father’s basset hound bit him once. However there were lots of dogs around the author, especially during the time when his own house had been finished.

John F. Kennedy couldn’t have dogs at home due to his allergy for a long time. The dachshund puppy he bought traveling to Europe made him suffer so much that he had to leave it in Berizza. Later on in the White House Kennedy family owned German Shepherd.

Picasso had boxer and cute but totally uncontrolled Dalmatian at various times. His beloved dachshund, Lump died one week before the artist himself. But the most important dog in the life of the artist was the Afghan hound, named Kazbek. Kazbek Picasso had in Paris during the Nazi occupation.

Elvis Presley was a dog lover and he even used to give dogs as gifs to people he loved. At the beginning of his career, Elvis always appeared with Sweet Pea, the tiny dog that Elvis gave to his mother.

Gregory Peck took time out from filming The Gunfighter to take care of his German Shepherd, Slip, after she had given birth to thirteen puppies. The star would rush home to help hand-feed the brood.

Little French white poodle called Maf was a gift of Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe. The name is a kind of joke –reference to Sinatra’s alleged connections to the mafia. When Frank Sinatra was married Barbara Marx they had as many as eight dogs. One of them – King Charles the spaniel always barked when Sinatra was singing.

Dogs Sylvester Stallone can predict the future. At least, so says his mother, who insists that it was her dog twice predicted the victory of George W. Bush in the presidential elections in the United States. Personal dog Stallone, Bull mastiff, was shot in "Rocky". In the credits dog goes by the name Batkusa Stallone.

A little-known comedian Buster Keaton movie had Saint Bernards and Elmer Barr, a Belgian shepherd captain and Irish wolfhound named Trotsky.

Yves Saint Laurent had French bulldogs, that, as their departure from life and the emergence of new, were named Moujik,  Moujik II and III. The third one bit famous writer Leslie White cause the last turned the dog out  of doors while interviewing Yves Saint Laurent .


Dangerous Chocolate

Not everybody knows that chocolate and other cacao products contain theobromine, also known as xantheose, which is a metabolite of caffeine. So giving your pet chocolate you expose it to danger. Under certain conditions it may lead to grave consequences for central nervous system and cardiac muscle. No need to say what can happen next…

Even small amounts of theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can cause vomiting and restlessness in pets. Larger doses can be fatal. While most pet owners expect a dog to develop an upset stomach after eating a large amount of chocolate, few realize its toxic potential.

This substance is harmless for humans, as we’ve got enzymes which tend to split theobromine. But two chocolate bars may be deadly for a small terrier. It also may be dangerous for cats to ingest theobromine. However, they are not as much a worry as dogs, who are known for their robust eating habits. Cats are more discriminating in their diets and are unlikely to devour a significant quantity of chocolate.


Rubbing up head against you – affection, devotion, thirst for caresses, It may also indicate that your pet is in heat.

Upright ears – curiosity.

Ears backwards – on the watch.

Ears close to the head - ready to attack.

Dilated pupils – fear.

Pet looks closely around and then lick its fur thoroughly – complete or feigned calm.

Screw up its eyes – tranquility or sleepiness.

Purring calm.

Anxious purring painful feeling.

Mewing – greeting, request sometimes.

Mewing with interruption or even yelp – respond to human behavior.

 Wailing – spite.

Uninterrupted cry – fright.

Damped purring ended with discontented growling – patience lost.

Hissing - readiness for active defence, giving notice to the target of attack.

Restrained purring of cat feeding its babies – protecting little ones of possible danger.

The same but ending with rising intonation – warning man or another creature not to come close to the kittens.

Caressing man with its paw – tenderness,  intimate adherence.

Curved back – threatening the enemy, irritation and readiness to attack.

Tail flapping – anger.

Dropping tail – fatigue.

Drooping tail for a long time –disappointment and disgust.

Gentle flap of the end of the tail – interest.

Strained tail of the animal which from time to time shudders – warning.

The tail is raised upwards – satisfaction.

The tail is raised but its end is loose – joyful excitement.

Down with bites and scratches

Cat may be aggressive during play. We shouldn’t forget that cats are predators so it’s natural for them to show claws, scratch and bite.  Yet if cat becomes amok while playing, it needs to be brought in a normal state.

Here are some signs of cats’ aggression during play: when your pet is too exciting and nervous, its movements  become abrupt, ears are pressed to head, pupils are big, and the wagging is very intensive. In this case, wait a while till it calms down. Pay no negative attention to your cat, if it goes on acting like that, biting and scratching you.  It’s better to step out or even leave the room to avoid shouting.  

You must never under any circumstances come to corporal punishment. Hurting your pet, you turn it against you. Even if you spank slightly, your cat will bite and scratch even more as the result of browbeating from your side. Your relationships will become strained and the conflicts related to cats’ behavior will worsen.

Play more with your pet! As the aggressive behavior is basically caused by the lack of training and the excess energy, you should pay more attention to your cat.

Cats always act instinctively. What are you supposed to do is to be patient and consecutive. Very soon you’ll see things getting better.